Monday, June 19, 2023

Live to Read, Read to Live

 Welcome to My Book Blog!

Hi Everyone! It's Liv here, your new book blogger! I am a mother of six amazing Kiddos and work a full-time job in Emergency Services. Reading has been a passion of mine since about fifth grade, when I happened upon a book titled Small Steps: The Year I got Polio by Peg Kehret. I decided to start this blog to help other readers find their next good read. I also wanted to start taking the time to put my thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences out in the world.

(Here is my affiliate link to Small Steps: The Year I got Polio incase you are interested: )

What to Expect

Here in my blog, you can expect to find the unexpected. I will share with you my current and past reads, how I feel about them, and even if I would suggest them to anyone. I'll also be sharing some of my history and life experiences with you.

I read an immense array of book so who knows what will pop up!

Thanks for stopping in! Make sure to subscribe or check in regularly. I look forward to sharing with you. Remember: if ever in doubt of what to do, then pick up a book or binge a few!

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