Monday, June 19, 2023

Book Bestie

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When you were just starting to enjoy reading, did you have that one friend that turned into your book bestie? How old were you? Some people may find this book friendship in early life and other may not have it until early or even late adulthood. This friendship is unlike any other.

I got my book best in fifth grade. I was a shy child and it was hard for me to make friends. Then came the day that my 5th grade teacher put me in a group with Danielle. Now, Danielle was also a shy girl, neither one of us socialized much with our classmates. We hit it off in the best way. From that one day towards the end of the school year, we were the best of friends. It was not long at all before books became our shared passion.

Middle School Years
Going to middle school opened a whole new book world for Danielle and I. I think we were both beyond happy with our new library that seemed humongous to our 6th grade eyes. I loved going to the library, but sometimes it was so hard to decide which books to leave with. Since we did not get to go to the library daily, we shared and traded our books like most kids traded Pokemon or baseball cards! We did end up gaining a few more friends that liked to read as well. One, in particular, would open the door to a whole new genre of books (but that's another story.)

Onto High-school
Isn't it crazy how our taste in literature changes so rapidly? As we were advancing our reading skills and maturity, Danielle and I started to get into YA romance and even Adult romances. It was nothing for us to trade books a couple times a week because we read so much. It was great because we both liked to talk about the books when we were done reading. Believe it or not, I think that this was actually the only reason I started getting As in English! By reading more and more advanced books and then talking about them with my best friend, my reading comprehension soared!

What about summer breaks? Well, that's when we got our most "adult" books. Danielle and I both started getting books from our grandmothers(I will tell you more about our shocking discovery about grandma's in another post.) We stayed at each other's houses at least two night every week so we continued to share the books were got of course!

I will always miss those days when we could spend so much time together. Now, as adults, we struggle to find time to see each other. We do still send book recommendations to each other as we find them though! This friendship with Danielle has been the most influential relationship of my life. Without her, I don't know if my love for books would have ever grown to the strength it is today. Thank you Danielle, for being the best friend that my shy little 5th grade self always hoped to find. Book besties forever!

Live to Read, Read to Live

 Welcome to My Book Blog!

Hi Everyone! It's Liv here, your new book blogger! I am a mother of six amazing Kiddos and work a full-time job in Emergency Services. Reading has been a passion of mine since about fifth grade, when I happened upon a book titled Small Steps: The Year I got Polio by Peg Kehret. I decided to start this blog to help other readers find their next good read. I also wanted to start taking the time to put my thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences out in the world.

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What to Expect

Here in my blog, you can expect to find the unexpected. I will share with you my current and past reads, how I feel about them, and even if I would suggest them to anyone. I'll also be sharing some of my history and life experiences with you.

I read an immense array of book so who knows what will pop up!

Thanks for stopping in! Make sure to subscribe or check in regularly. I look forward to sharing with you. Remember: if ever in doubt of what to do, then pick up a book or binge a few!

Book Bestie

  #bestbookfriends #bookbuddies #newreader When you were just starting to enjoy reading, did you have that one friend that turned into you...